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Wella SP Color Save Mask for Hair Colour Protection


Wella SP Colour Save Mask protects your coloured locks, for long-lasting freshness with an impact. Colour fading is prevented, and colour stays put. Using this Colour Save Mask, the hair is smooth, nourished, and touchably soft. Wella System Professional's Colour Save Mask contains Microlight 3D Complex.
Working in three dimensions for truly perfected and protected hair, Microlight 3D Complex contains 4 active ingredients working in synergy for maximum efficiency:
Polyquaternium 7-Beeswax Combination: to lock colour pigments deep inside the hair.
UV Filter: protects the hair from damaging UV light
Olive Leaf Extract: to protect against harsh UV radicals and bleaching
EDDS: to protect keratin against damage caused by copper reduction